Management Consulting


 Internal Control 

In any business, internal control plays an important role to prevent unnecessary errors and protect company ­­­­­­­resources. SMRC can help our clients improve your financial and accounting internal process which enhances the company’s structure and competitive capacity. Internal control reduces the business process variation, provides reasonable procedures regarding the business operation of effectiveness and efficiency and also controls the guideline for financial reporting according to laws and regulations. Our consultants also create and review the documentation of financial internal control and redesign the roadmap to help your business running and communication more smoothly and easily.


 Accounting System Coordination 

An accounting system is a tool that provides vital support to a business. SMRC can help coordinate your financial software (online QuickBooks, SAP or other financial accounting systems) to assist your business in working on accounting and financial functional systems, such as Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Account Receivable, Account Payable, General Ledger, Cost Accounting, Reconciliation, Financial Reporting design and process.


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